, (M.Sc., PhD., Post Doct, Denmark, Japan)

Brilliant academic record in Biochemistry/Enzymology & Molecular Biology Three times university gold medallist.

More than 35 years industrial experience in the field of alcoholic fermentation, distillation, brewery, yeast and yeast based chemicals, organic acids, (L-Lysine, MSG, Ascorbic Acid) bulk drug, fermentation,  biomenthanation, effluent treatment systems, R&D and technology management.

Promoter Director, of Kothari Fermentation and Biochem Limited, manufacturing yeast and its derivatives.

Managing Director, Crest Biotech Limited actively involved in biotechnology projects, technology transfers in the field of fermentation, distillation and effluent treatment in India & abroad.

Widely travelled, visited number of industries and attended international exhibitions and conferences.

Member of various Associations, Committees and Special Groups.

Published several papers, articles, reports and author of two books on Industrial Status of Effluent Treatment in India and Fermentation & Distillation Technology.

, (B.Tech, IIT. Delhi, MS., Ph.D., Post Doc. USA)

Assistant Professor, Computer Science and Engineering, Univ. California, San Diego, USA.

More than 10 years experience. Senior Investigator, The Center for Advancement of Genomics, Director, Informatics Research, Celera Genomics. Leading the design and implementation of analysis algorithms for Proteomics. Principal  Investigator,  Informatics  Research, Celera. Leading research effort in Comparative Genomics, and Proteomics. Senior  Investigator, SmithKline Beecham. Conducted research in EST assembly, target discovery, and DNA signals.

Developed projects / tools, SCOPE, 2000-2: SCOrePEptide is a tool for identifying peptide sequence based on comparing tandem MS to theoretical spectra generated from a sequence database. SCOPE has been used to analyze over 100,000 MS2 spectra. Part of this research is proprietary to Celera. Diff.X.Pro, 2001-2: DiffXPro (Differential eXpression of Proteins) is Celera's computational toolkit for quantifying and comparing protein expression in healthy and diseased tissue. Both SCOPE, and DifIXPro are critical components of Celera's Proteomics Pipeline, and part of this research is proprietary to Celera.CEM, 2000: The Conserved Exon Method for gene-finding is a novel tool that uses conservation of coding regions in human and mouse genomes to simultaneously find genes in both species. BINGO, 1998: The Bioinformatics Novel Gene Omnibus is a toolkit for identifying full-length transcripts, and alternative splice forms in an EST database. It was designed to find novel drug targets for Glaxo SmithKline.  

Received Awards, as a high talent by senior management at Celera Genomics, selected for accelerated growth in the organization and Impact Award, SmithKline Beecham USA.

Associate Editor, Journal of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, Co-chair, MSRI Workshop on Computational Proteomics, 2005, Co-chair, IPAM Workshop on Computational Proteomics, 2004. Program Committee, Ninth Annual International Conference on Research in Computational Biology (RECOMB05). Program Committee Member of International Bioinformatics conferences.

Published more than 45 papers in International Scientific Journals, conferences etc. and given invited talks at various international forum. Also written chapters for books for Bioinformatics and Biogenemics. Actively involved as a reviewer for Bioinformatic’s publications.

, (B.Tech, Mech. Engg. India, M.S.E , USA)

11 Years experience in Software design.

Software design, Architecture and high quality code development, Project Management, Providing smart solutions to customer centric problems.

Have Computer Skills in Languages: Java, XML, UML, familiarity with OWL/RDF, Perl 5, CGI, HTML, C, Scheme, Standard ML.,

Databases and Query Languages: SQL(Oracle 9i), MYSQL5.0, OQL, XQuery, XML-QL, familiarity with PL/SQL, MSSQL, Derby Embedded Databases.

Client SideTechnologies, Java2 Platform(Swing/JFC, GUI Programming Java AWT), Reflection, RMI/IIOP, JDBC 3.0, Java Beans (BDK1.1), Collections Framework, Design Patterns (MVC, Visitor, Command, State, Template),

Web Technologies J2EE platform (Applets, Servlets 2.4, JSP 2.0, EJB 2.1, JMS), Struts framework, Tiles, JSF, DHTML/Java script, W3C XML, Xerces Parser(SAX and DOM API), XSL, Apache XSLT Processor(Xalan), DTD/XML Schema, SOAP, JAXB, JAXP,  JTB, Jakarta Ant1.6.5, Spring Framework, Semantic web technologies, Java Web Services, JAAS.

Applications/Software: JBuilder10.0,TogetherJ5.0,WinCVS1.2,SmartCVS,BugCollectorPro4.1,XML Authority, Near and Far, MS Office, SQL Navigator 4.2, Humming Bird Exceed, Eclipse 2.1, TOAD, Macro Media Dream Weaver, Enterprise Architect , JWSDP1.5, Subversion, Open JMS(JMS provider).

Testing and Debugging Methodologies: JUnit Framework, Web Run in JBuilder, Java Util Loggers.Servers : Tomcat 5.0.28, BEA Weblogic Server 6.1, JRun, JBoss3.2.2 

Operating Systems:  Windows (NT, 2000, XP), UNIX(Solaris, Linux)

Work Experience  Developed prototype, Web application for Browsing and Editing Ontologies, ported prototype built in the first project into Struts Framework For Pilot Phase, Technical lead for designing and implementing Web UI for Vocabary Management Application, Developed JMS Application, Developed Installer for the installation of Cerebra Server product using Install Anywhere, Technical Lead on Repository Refactoring, Implemented DAO for Reasoning Services DAO.

Software Engineer in the Vizualization Team at Celera Genomics, Rockville, Maryland :
Worked on Genome Browser , Alignment Viewer and Celera Discovery System. 

Received DNA award for outstanding achievement and contribution in Map Viewer project Celera Genomics, USA. & first prize for paper presentation titled “Encon proposals for Textile Industry” at Annamalai University, Chidambaram.

, (FCA India, MBA UK)

10 year experience in management of hospital / healthcare unit, execution of hospital expansion, implementation of ICU and nursery facilities.

Actively involved as Director, Surya Kiran Hospital Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi for strategy formulation, planning, financial management, profitability of the unit. Planning to set up a Cancer hospital facilities.

Qualified Chartered Accountants and expert in consultancy and management services for hospitals and health care centers.

, (F.C.A. )

Professional Activities, System study, system analysis and design. Finance project and management consultancy. Conducting feasibility study and market survey. Analysis, design and implementation of costing system audit, taxation planning and assessment.

Experience, Practicing as a Charted Accountants since 1981. Associated as a consultant with Data Quest Consultants Ltd.

, (B.E Chern. Engg.)

40 years Operation and Management experience in Various capacities in Distilleries, Yeast and Sugar Industry. Presently, Senior Associate of Crest Biotech Private Limited.

Expert in Ethanol Distillation, System-designing, Basic/detailed engineering, Installation, Commissioning & Operations of Rectified Spirit, Extra Neutral Alcohol, Malt Spirit and Indian Made Foreign Liquors (IMFL) plants. Visited number of Distilleries and other Industries in India and abroad.

Corporate member of Institute of Engineers, STAI and Associated Member of IIChE., Co-opted member of AIDA & B1S.

, (B.Tech, MBA, New Delhi, India)

48 Years experience as project engineer in various capacities in corporate groups in India. Working as Senior Consultant for basic design, detailed engineering, piping, erection and commissioning of distilleries, brewery food and specially chemicals.

Dr G.N. Qazi
, (M.Sc., Ph.D., Post Doct FRG)

Dr. Quazi is Director, RRL Jammu “He has more than 30 years experience in the area of Biochemistry and Microbial Biotechnology. Presently leading a large group of scientists, Technologists, Post Doctoral Associates, Research fellows and Technicians in fermentation process & product developments - Liapase, Narpoxen, ISO-istaminc, Glucoriates, Glucase - Oxidase, Citric acid, Biofertilizer / Biocontrol afents.

Published more than 45 scientific papers, hold 10 patents in India & abroad, and presentes more than 60 paper s in national and international conferences. Delivered number of social invited lectures Member of various committees, societies, academics and professional bodies in India, and USA Widely traveled in India and Abroad, visited number of academic institutes, and attended international and nationals exibitions, seminars and conferences.

, (B.Sc. Chemtech, PhD.)

Professor, Department of Bio-chemical Engineering & Bio-technology, lIT, New Delhi.

30 years experience in academics, R&D, and professional activities related to Microbial enzymes, Bio-conversions, and Biological Waste Management.

Leading Biotechnologist and expert in development & transfer of technology for manufacturing Lipase, B-galactase, Phytase, Penicillin Acylase and Industrial enzymes. Organised six Refresher courses in Bio-chemical Engineering and Bio-technology. Published more than 50 Research papers, participated in intemational and national Conferences and provided Consultancy services for number of projects. Widely travelled all over the world and active member of AlBA, IIChE. AMI and ISTED.

, (B.Tech., M.Tech., Ph.d. Post Doc. MIT USA)

Dr. Sahoo is Scientist and Head, Biochemical Engineering. Institute of Microbial Technology, (IMTech) Chandigarh.

Activity involved in teaching, Guiding Ph.D Scholors and supervising of various fermentation biotech projects.

Successfully completed projects : Streptokinase, alkaline proteases, L-amylase, ethylalcohal, lignin bio-degradation, and Gallic Acid. He has also transferred Technology & Know. How of these products to various industries in India He has a patent for alkaline protease.

Dr. Sahoo has published more than 15 papers in scientific nation & International journals and 18 papers in conferences. Members of various societies. Widely traveled in India and abroad.